01 - What are "Promotional Products"?

Any item that is decorated with a logo or message is considered a "promotional product." Most often these products are used to promote a company, a brand, a cause, an organization or event but can also be used as unique commemorative pieces and souvenirs.

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02 - I'm not sure exactly what I do I decide?

No problem – simply tell us what you want to achieve with your promotion, the budget you have and the quantity required and we will suggest just the right product and packaging options for you.

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03 - Do you offer products that are made in New Zealand?

Absolutely - while many products are no longer made in New Zealand we do offer several ranges of products that can be made locally.

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04 - How much do these products cost? How do I get a quote?

Because there are literally thousands of products available, it is not possible to list absolutely all of them on our website and of course product availability and prices frequently change. For the latest pricing simply contact us by phone on +64 9 377 1410 or via email to with your item or event requirements and we’ll come back to you with a customised quotation. 

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05 - How do I place an order, there's no shopping cart on your website?

Our aim is to give our clients individual & personal attention with every enquiry. Using our teams 50+  collective years of industry knowledge and experience we can offer our clients personalised creative advice and suggestions on how to ensure the success of their promotional program.  Given the varying products and complex intricacies of branding a simple shopping cart would not be practical.

For orders or any enquiries about a particular product simply add items of interest you find on our website into your enquiry basket, fill out your contact information and send it to us and we’ll come back to you with a confirmed quotation. You can also contact us via telephone at +64 9 377 1410 or send an e-mail to - just tell us what you're looking for and we’ll be happy to provide a quotation for you or confirm your order. 

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06 - Do I need to pay in advance?

First-time orders may require payment in advance or a deposit payment which will be advised to you at time of quotation or confirmation of your order. We will offer extended payment terms to regular clients with a good payment record.


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07 - Do you have a minimum order?

No - we don’t have a specific “minimum order” quantity and are happy to provide quotations on whatever quantity you require however we do not recommend producing very small quantities as the higher unit prices applicable together with the set-up charges incurred can make the order uneconomical.

Talk to us about your specific requirements and we will advise possible alternative options to ensure a suitable outcome for you at a reasonable cost. Please note that custom made products and those sourced from our network of offshore suppliers may have higher minimums dependent on the product involved.

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08 - How long will it take to have my order produced?

Many items we offer can be delivered within 7-10 working days and often even less if required but these may incur rush charges and urgent courier charges. Items that are custom made or produced offshore can take up to 10-12 weeks or longer dependent on the product and quantity ordered. Please contact us to confirm we can meet your delivery requirements if you have a specific deadline to achieve.

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09 - I don't actually have a logo; can I use an image off the Web?

No, please don’t - producing quality branded products requires artwork that is designed for the purpose to specific quality parameters. We don’t want to produce a sub-standard product for you so we offer typesetting and artwork creation services for a very reasonable fee; simply contact us for a quotation.

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10 - What kind of artwork do I need to supply?

We prefer vector based .eps files with all text converted to outline as this format provides us with the best quality to work with. As a general rule, we can't use bitmap files (JPEGs, GIFs, e-mail or web graphics), Microsoft PowerPoint files, or clip art as they do not provide the quality we require. If you do not have the type of file we require then let us know as we can provide typesetting and artwork creation services for a very reasonable fee; simply contact us for a quotation.

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11 - What is a set-up charge?

In order to customise an item our branding specialists must transfer the artwork provided into a format that works for their specific machines - this may require the production of screen-printing screens, pad printing plates, embroidery programmes or custom die-blocks dependent on the specific customising method used. This process is referred to as "set-up".

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12 - Do I get to see a proof before my item is produced?

We usually provide an electronic proof to ensure the accurate reproduction of your branding requirements. Physical proofs can be provided on request however these may incur additional charges and require extended production time to fulfil. For rush orders we may not be able to provide proofs due to time constraints.


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13 - Does the per unit price include delivery?

No - delivery charges are charged based on the costs incurred making final delivery to you of your order based on utilising the most efficient and cost effective option we have available to us. 

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14 - We've got offices around the country; can you deliver to multiple locations?

Yes - we can provide delivery to multiple locations within New Zealand and even overseas if required, additional charges will apply and will be quoted as required.

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15 - Do you provide fulfilment services?

Yes – We can provide production, storage and repackaging services as required. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will provide a quotation for you.


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16 - I still have a few other questions?

No problem, contact us via telephone  +64 9 377 1410 or send an e-mail to and we’ll be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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