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  • Letter Opener and Satchel Cutter

    Letter Opener and Satchel Cutter

    Plastic opener for letters and courier s

    From $0.72

  • Roll-A-Clip


    Desk top paper clip dispenser with a con

    From $2.51

  • Safety Whistle

    Safety Whistle

    Loud safety whistle with a key ring for

    From $0.72

  • Pronto Magnetic Clip

    Pronto Magnetic Clip

    Rectangular clip with a strong magnet wh

    From $1.44

  • House Magnetic Clip

    House Magnetic Clip

    House shaped clip with a strong magnet w

    From $1.44

  • Piggy Bank

    Piggy Bank

    Large piggy bank with a removable plug i

    From $3.95

  • Full Colour Microfibre Pouch

    Full Colour Microfibre Pouch

    Soft microfibre drawstring pouch which c

    From $2.22

  • Car Air Freshener

    Car Air Freshener

    Cardboard air freshener for cars which w

    From $0.67

  • Snook Card Holder

    Snook Card Holder

    Plastic card holder for credit cards, bu

    From $1.12

  • Plastic Pencil Sharpener

    Plastic Pencil Sharpener

    Plastic pencil sharpener that collects t

    From $1.50

  • Pencil Sharpener With Eraser

    Pencil Sharpener With Eraser

    Handy pencil sharpener which collects th

    From $2.21

  • Round Clip

    Round Clip

    Round spring loaded clip with a strong m

    From $2.08

  • Heart Clip

    Heart Clip

    Heart shaped spring loaded clip with a s

    From $2.77

  • Magnetic Bottle Opener Clip

    Magnetic Bottle Opener Clip

    Spring loaded clip with a strong alumini

    From $3.04

  • Prism Eraser

    Prism Eraser

    Unique eraser with plastic inserts on bo

    From $1.36

  • Fridge Magnet Torch

    Fridge Magnet Torch

    Low profile torch with a strong magnet o

    From $2.45

  • Ezy Badge

    Ezy Badge

    A unique double sided adhesive badge inc

    From $0.43

  • Coloured Pencil Tube

    Coloured Pencil Tube

    12 assorted colour pencils in a convenie

    From $1.66

  • Playtime Colouring Set

    Playtime Colouring Set

    A colouring set containing eight assorte

    From $2.86

  • Crayon Set

    Crayon Set

    Six assorted colour non-toxic crayons in

    From $1.09

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